Kamfloor System

Kamfloor system is an innovative insulated concrete panel for underfloor dry construction based on high density and high conductivity concrete.
The purpose of the system is to provide economy, safety, thermal efficiency and a better life quality.



1. Clean the floor
2. Place wraparound tape
3. Align the floor by pouring cement mortar.
4. Install KAMFLOOR motherboard.
5. Expansion joints (place expansion joints at all interior doors and in areas larger than 25m2. Expansion joints from foam material must be installed, such as, for example, the wraparound tape).
6. Clean the grooves on the motherboard.
7. Install the pipe.
8. After installing the pipe, roll over the floor with a 50 kg roller so that the pipe will fit tightly into the grooves.
9. Before installing the floor finish, we must fill all circuits with water and maintain it at a 3-4 bar pressure while works on the floor finish are being carried out.


There must be wraparound tape when the floor finish is fitted, while expansion joints must be transferred to the floor finish.


- The floor finish joint (on ceramic tile, marble, granite, etc.) must be 3mm at a minimum.

- Skirting boards must be installed leaving a 4mm gap from the floor and be welded on the wall. The gap between the floor and the skirting board must be filled with silicone.


– Splicing glue and the filler for the floor finish (ceramic tiles, marble-granite, etc.) must be suitable for underfloor heating.
- No filler must be used where there is wraparound tape and in the expansion joints.


  1. Open all the collector’s outlets.
  2. Fill all the underfloor heating system’s circuits with water and check that there is no air in them.
  3. 3. Set the room thermostat at 22-23°C..
  4. The temperature of the water supply will be set at 25°C, on the first day, 30°C on the second day and 35°C on the third one.
    After the above are complete, the KAMFLOOR underfloor heating system is ready to operate. KAMFLOOR είναι έτοιμο για λειτουργία.