Kamfloor System

Kamfloor system is an innovative insulated concrete panel for underfloor dry construction based on high density and high conductivity concrete.
The purpose of the system is to provide economy, safety, thermal efficiency and a better life quality.

Kamfloor is an innovative motherboard system for dry underfloor heating based on high density and conductivity concrete. These are the key features of the motherboard:

  • Motherboard Kamfloor is made of high resistance cement, quarried material and sand, reinforced with polypropylene fibres.
  • The isolating material used in motherboards Kamfloor is expanded (EPS 200) or extruded (XPS 200) polystyrene, giving us a product with high thermal conductivity and zero losses.
  • Motherboards Kamfloor have grooves every 10cm where the Φ10 pipe is fitted.
  • Motherboards Kamfloor have 4 different installation patterns.