Kamfloor System

Kamfloor system is an innovative insulated concrete panel for underfloor dry construction based on high density and high conductivity concrete.
The purpose of the system is to provide economy, safety, thermal efficiency and a better life quality.

  1. The classic or conventional underfloor heating compared to radiator units and due to the existence of heat insulating concrete exhibits an initial delay in the transfer of heat to the space, due to low water temperatures. For this reason, it is recommended to put underfloor heating in operation when a temperature fall is observed and to keep it in operation without interruptions.
  2. Due to its direct contact with the end floor, the Kamfloor system can transfer heat to the space roughly 10% faster than radiators, fact which allows us to put it into operation precisely when we want to, without any preparation (preheating of heat insulating concrete), by utilizing its ON/OFF OPERATION..