Kamfloor System

Kamfloor system is an innovative insulated concrete panel for underfloor dry construction based on high density and high conductivity concrete.
The purpose of the system is to provide economy, safety, thermal efficiency and a better life quality.


Kamfloor heating system offers autonomy across all spaces of a residence, saving money and offering different temperature settings for each area/room.

The following are required to attain this autonomy:

  • area thermostat:We set the desired temperature for our space. The area thermostat sends a command via the control center to the actuators controlling (opening/shutting) the circuits of this particular area/room.
  • actuators: They are controlled by the corresponding area thermostat, via the manifold, opening and shutting the underfloor heating circuits of each area/room.
  • thermostat and actuator control center: Receives a command from the area thermostats and transfers it to the actuators of the manifold, in order to thus open and shut the circuits with respect to the desired temperature set for each area/room.