Kamfloor System

Το Kamfloor είναι ένα πρωτοποριακό σύστημα ενδοδαπέδιας θέρμανσης άμεσης μετάδοσης!

Low operating cost

The pipe used in Kamfloor underfloor heating is 10mm thick (Φ10Χ1.1) and the distance between pipes is 10cm. To heat 100m2 using underfloor heating we need roughly 48lit of water. Additionally the end floor will be in direct contact with the pipe and the motherboard without the intermediation of a concrete.

Additionally the end floor will be in direct contact with the pipe and the motherboard without the intermediation of a convector. This allows us to have a low water temperature and, moreover, no thermal inertia.

    entail LOW OPERATING COSTBased on these features of the Kamfloor system, its operating cost is approximately 20% less than that of the classic or conventional underfloor heating and roughly 50% less than conventional heating units.
High Performance

The motherboard of Kamfloor underfloor heating consists of high density and high thermal conductivity concrete, while the direct contact of the pipe and the motherboard with the end floor (tile etc.) helps to attain better efficiency compared to other underfloor heating systems.

Direct heat transfer – ON/OFF Operation

In Kamfloor underfloor heating the motherboard is made in such a way for there to be no need for heat insulating concrete, since the motherboard and pipe come to direct contact with the end floor, resulting in fast conduction of heat. This allows us to interrupt the operation of underfloor heating whenever we so desire (ON/OFF Operation).

Direct installation of end floor

In Kamfloor underfloor heating system, the motherboard does need to be dried, thus allowing us to directly apply the end floor on the very next day.

KAMFLOOR system insulation

The motherboard’s insulation comprises of rolled-in XPS 200 styrofoam or expanded EPS 200 styrofoam. It is an ideal system for heat insulation and soundproofing against airborne noise (sound transmitted by atmospheric air).

Zero chance of reduced efficiency

The direct contact of the pipe with the end floor (tile etc.) plays an important role in Kamfloor underfloor heating. The corrugations on the motherboard, set at a distance of 10cm from one another, and the placement of pipes across the entire floor, nullify the chances of reduced performance and efficiency.

Smaller collector and manifold cabinet

Kamfloor underfloor heating uses the same type of collector as classic underfloor heating systems for all of the collector’s exits, while special T-pieces are connected to the water adductors and returns, where the collector’s circuit splits into two in Kamfloor underfloor heating. As a result we utilize a 30% smaller collector and manifold cabinet.

Expansion strip

The motherboard of Kamfloor system is just 3.5cm thick, including insulation. It can be installed even in spaces with low roofs. Furthermore, one does not need to pour cement mortar in unheated spaces (stairways, storage rooms, balconies, etc.).

Reinforced splicing of end floor

The splicing of Kamfloor system is reinforced, since fibers protrude from the motherboard, which are mixed with the glue and thus reinforce the splicing.


The weight of Kamfloor underfloor heating system is roughly 30kg/m², compared to classic or conventional underfloor heating systems which weigh approximately 90kg/m².

Low construction cost

We save money just by purchasing the Kamfloor motherboard and pipe, as we don’t need to pour heat insulating concrete and cement mortar in unheated spaces (eg. staircases, storage spaces, balconies etc.). The installation of Kamfloor is easy and fast. There is no need for drying, necessary

Ideal heating system for the renovation of professional and other spaces

The Kamfloor system immediately heats the end floor, emitting heat in the space without any delay and faster than classic heating units. This makes it ideal for hotels, shops, holiday and new homes, offices, etc.

Ideal for renovations

The innovative Kamfloor underfloor heating system is ideal for renovations, since the motherboard is 3.5cm thick and the glue, including the tile, are roughly 1.5cm thick, giving a total height of 5cm.


The Kamfloor system takes up just 3.5cm, and together with the ceramic tile a total of just 5cm and can now be installed in areas with low roofs.


Save space by installing the Kamfloor underfloor heating system. Shape your house’s aesthetics without the limitations posed by heating units.


Using the Kamfloor underfloor heating system we can attain immediate transfer of heat in the space, faster even than classic heating units.


The Kamfloor underfloor heating system does not require heat insulating concrete be poured, thus releasing you from the burden of having to wait for days for it to dry.

Kamfloor system

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