Kamfloor System

Το Kamfloor είναι ένα πρωτοποριακό σύστημα ενδοδαπέδιας θέρμανσης άμεσης μετάδοσης!


The Kamfloor underfloor heating system was created to solve the major problem of increased energy cost. Kamfloor is an innovative system which constitutes an imperative solution for every home wishing to save energy and have a low operating cost. For permanent residencies it is the technical features of Kamfloor which render it a unique solution, since:

a) We have a roughly 50% saving on energy, compared to the use of classic heating units

b) We have direct heat transfer, without losses, due to the direct contact of the pipe with the end floor, without the intervention of some other material

c) We save money, but also energy, thanks to the ON/OFF operation, which allows us to control our consumption by simply pressing a button.

The Kamfloor direct transfer underfloor heating system was constructed to solve problems and provide solutions. Besides the fields of energy saving and low operating cost, Kamfloor also offers planning solutions, by removing heating units taking up space in your home and offering you the ability to shape the aesthetics of your dwelling and move freely in it.

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