Kamfloor System

Το Kamfloor είναι ένα πρωτοποριακό σύστημα ενδοδαπέδιας θέρμανσης άμεσης μετάδοσης!

Proper installation and the checking of sealing at high pressures, from 6 to 10 bar, ensure and certify that the system has been properly installed and there is no chance for any damage or malfunction.Pipes are made from special plastic so as not to break at curvatures and to be resistant to companding and corrosion.

In case of a hole in a pipe culpability of a third party and after the end floor has been installed (e.g. using a drill or nail on the floor), one can use suitable equipment (thermal camera) to detect the exact point and immediately repair it, using special joints.

It Is thus treated and dealt with as a usual damage to a heating or plumbing pipe.

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