Kamfloor System

Το Kamfloor είναι ένα πρωτοποριακό σύστημα ενδοδαπέδιας θέρμανσης άμεσης μετάδοσης!

As we have seen above, underfloor heating is more cost effective to operate than any other heating system. There are, however, some other advantages offered by underfloor heating, which are considerable and worth mentioning:

  • Offer cooling capacity
  • Saves at least 10% of the net area, offering us the freedom to shape the space’s aesthetics without the limitations posed by heating units.
  • Outstanding operation using any Renewable Energy Source.
  • Uniformly distributes heat everywhere.
  • Properly heats in a pleasant manner, as it warms the legs, leaving the head cooler.
  • No air streams are created and thus no dust or bacteria are floating.
  • The absence of radiators minimizes the cases of accidents and injuries caused by hitting such units.
  • Due to the low and uniform emission of heat, moisture is maintained on proper hygiene levels, protecting furniture, wall paints etc.
  • Soundproofs and thermally insulates the floors.
  • Offers autonomy for every room.
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