Kamfloor System

Το Kamfloor είναι ένα πρωτοποριακό σύστημα ενδοδαπέδιας θέρμανσης άμεσης μετάδοσης!


The Kamfloor direct transfer underfloor heating system solves the major problem of increased energy costs for offices and shops. Kamfloor is an innovative system which can operate as the ideal solution for energy saving and low operating costs for shops and offices with respect to heating.

Due to its constructional structure and direct contact with the end floor, without the intervention of some other material, Kamfloor offers direct heat transfer. Moreover, another distinctive feature is its ON/OFF operation, allowing us to control consumption based on our needs. The Kamfloor system offers approximately 40% savings on operating costs compared to conventional heating systems for shops and offices.

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